Educational Journeys is helping to reset and provide confidence in the NZ school travel sectors financial stability and as a division of Service Travel, can achieve this through its membership of TAANZ. Also, our association with the School Travel Collective ensures we maintain a focus on student’s rigorous health & safety, duty of care practices and adopting the Ministry of Education (MOE) best practice guidelines.

And while due to Covid-19, booking and managing school group travel has suddenly become more complex and challenging, the team at Educational Journeys remain on top of the ever changing border restrictions, isolation rules and associated airline cancellation and re-booking fees.

We only partner with certified and approved operators at the other end to look after your daily requirements and all local tours include an English speaking guide.

We have adopted a philosophy of looking at school group travel through different lenses while always staying true and focused on the bigger picture and what works best for the school, students and parents.

Educational Journeys is focusing on building a reputation for superior service, rigorous quality control measures and value for money.